Where are you based?

A proper Lancashire lass, I live in the small market town of Clitheroe, however I have and will travel up and down the country for the right wedding, so please just ask! 

Do you work alone? 

Yes, 90% of my weddings I shoot alone, which has never been an issue. However, I do work with a group of other professional photographers to provide second photographer services should you wish for one to cover other members of the bridal party getting ready and also a different perspective for the ceremony and speeches. 

How are the images provided to us? 

The images are provided on a digital gallery, from which you are able to view individually or as part of a slideshow. You can also download high or low res versions of the images and create 'favourites lists.'

How long after the wedding will we get to see the images?

Approximately 2 weeks after the wedding you will get a sneak preview and the rest of the images will be delivered approximately 8 weeks after your wedding. 

How many images will we receive? 

This generally depends on things like; how many variations of group shots you have, if you have speeches or not, what time you get married etc. So it is normally somewhere between 500 - 800. 

I hate having my picture taken, what can I do? 

I don't think I have ever had a client that has openly said they actually like having their picture taken before a wedding/ portrait. However I promise you that afterwards you will say - that's not as bad as I thought actually! Don't forget that I am there to make sure you look amazing. If you are really unsure then a good way to get over your fear is to have a pre-wedding photoshoot which I can do for £75 if you book your wedding with me. 

Do the images come all in Colour or Black and White? 

Your images will come in a selection of colour and black and white. If you would prefer them all in colour please let me know before hand. Some images lend themselves much better to Black and White so I would highly recommend a mixture of both. 

Do you do albums and if so how much are they? 

I work with a company called Folio Albums. and they start from £350 - the price depends on the number of pages and sizes. 





Do you still do traditional group shots? 

Whilst I don't feature many of these on my website, yes I do do group shots as part of the day. Before the day I will send you a prompt list and normally recommend definitely no more than 10 different variations. 10 will take about 25 minutes. I normally find someone in the wedding party that knows some one on both sides, however if you have someone that you want to nominate for helping just let me know! 

How much is the deposit and when do you need it by? 

The deposit £100 and is non-refundable. It is required upon booking to secure the date. Upon booking you will receive an invoice which has all the relevant details of how to pay on there. 

When is the final balance due? 

The remaining balance is due eight weeks before the wedding day. 

Do we need to meet before we book?

We don't need to meet on my part before you book, however some people find it re-assuring to meet and check that we are compatible. I am more than happy for you to come over to Clitheroe and meet in a local cafe. Or we can SKYPE or Facetime. 

Do we need to meet before the wedding? 

I don't meet with all my clients, some are happy to confirm everything over email, however if you would like to go through things such as timings and anything specific you would like I am more than happy to get together a couple of months before the wedding. 

Do you need feeding on the day?

I normally bring my own lunch and sneak off whilst you are eating so as not to incur you any extra cost, however if there is a lovely hot meal going that won't cost you any extra I won't say no! Just let me know either way! 

Do you do destination weddings? 

I have shot a wedding in Istanbul and have bookings for weddings in Italy. Drop me an email for more details. 

Do you do video? 

I don't shoot video, however I work with a very good friend who does - Worthington Films.